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Frequently Asked Moving Questions & Resources

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Below we have provided answers to many of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from moving clients. Please contact My Move Hero at (720) 331-4448 if you have additional questions or concerns. Using My Move Hero for your local or long-distance moves indicates your acceptance of all the terms discussed below.

Will my furniture and my home be protected for the moving process?

Yes. At My Move Hero, we optimize the moving process into stages for protection and efficiency including assembly, and pad-wrapping the items. Protecting your belongings and your home is high priority. Also, furniture protection is a stipulation of insurance coverage.

Is there a deposit or credit card required to reserve a time slot?

Yes, deposits are required. Once we have reserved a time slot for your move, we are no longer able to book that appointment for other potential clients. We then proceed to make all necessary arrangements for your relocation. In turn, the deposit plays a security role for our company and you as a client.

Do I have to be present (on-site) for my move?

Absolutely. Clients must be present or have a qualified representative present on their behalf. If a client is not present for their move, or is not present upon completion of the moving service for any reason, our moving crew will hold a select number of items to ensure payment. Once paperwork is signed and payment in full is received, all held items will be promptly returned.

Is there a minimum amount of hours for service?

Yes. All jobs carry a 2 hour minimum, unless otherwise specified previously in the moving quote. Long Distance moving(over 50 miles) carries a 4 hour minimum or greater, which can also affect the deposit required as more resources go into a long relocation.

If my move goes over the minimum, do I have to pay for the overage?

Yes, if your move exceeds the minimum bid, you will be responsible for the overage. If you have questions regarding billing, feel free to call us. We do our best to be upfront, honest and provide high quality service.

When does the clock start for my move?

The clock starts upon dispatch. Our Denver movers will call you when they leave our facility in order to let you know they are on the way. Once the movers have been dispatched, they are your crew until the job is completed.

Can a client or client’s friends assist during the move?

In most cases, no. As My Move Hero is responsible for the client’s belongings as well as our own equipment, the company stipulates that we do no allow unqualified personnel to handle goods or equipment. However, as a client, if you obtain a rental truck and are willing to waive insurance coverage, My Move Hero is able to accommodate that request. It should also be noted that if this term is violated that all insurance coverage is immediately voided.

How is the time for my move billed?

Service time is billed in hourly increments at the rate associated with your moving details. This may change with long distance requests based on circumstances and arrangements.

How may I pay for my move?

You may pay for the moving services rendered by My Move Hero with cash or credit card.

If I refuse to pay for my move, how would it be handled?

In the event of a dispute, the client must seek resolution by contacting the management at My Move Hero. Arbitration is considered the next step. During this time, we will maintain possession of your belongings until payment has been received in full, or an adequate resolution is met. If payment or resolution has not been achieved after a period of 30 days, belongings will be auctioned off to cover expenses; any and all remaining balances will be sent to collections for retrieval.

Please contact My Move Hero if you have further questions about our policies or FAQ.