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Moving is difficult because most of us lack a flexible schedule. We can’t just move anytime we want. A lot of variables have to be considered first. If you want to move, you need to decide when you should move and find out when is the best time to move. If you are fortunate to choose when to move, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantage of moving at different dates as well as your circumstances.


Best and Worst Days to Move


Mondays to Thursdays are the best days of the week to move mostly because people often schedule their moves during weekends. During these days, local movers would have fewer reservations and would have lower rates in order to entice more customers and encourage them to move on those days. If you can move on these days, then it is possible to save money.
Consequently, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the worst days of the week to move simply because most people don’t work on weekends. Local moving companies are often fully booked on weekends. Thus, you’d have a hard time getting a moving van, supplies and labor. Even if you manage to get a reservation, it will only cost you more


When moving home, it would be best to move during the middle of the month; whereas the first and last week of the month are the most unsuitable house moving schedules.  Generally speaking, people tend to move on the first and last weeks of the month, which leads to full reservations and higher moving rates from professional movers.


Moving in Consideration of Your Children


If you are moving a house with your children, avoid moving in the middle or the end of the school year. Moving home during those periods would only bring unnecessary stress to your children and possibly affect their emotional and psychological well-being. Thus, it is better to mode before at the beginning of the school year or during the summer holidays. This gives them ample amount of time to get used to their new environment and properly deal with the new school term.


Spring and Autumn Move


Probably the best and cheapest time of year to move is during spring and autumn season. This is because fewer people move during these seasons and local moving companies are rarely fully booked. Moreover, the rates of moving services are very low. Spring and autumn seasons have fewer holidays and less likely develop bad weather patterns that can cause problems to your move.


Summer Move


Moving during summer is indeed the best time to move if you have kids. However, it is also a horrible season to move. Summer is very hot and the weather conditions can make the moving process a little more difficult than it should be. Furthermore, moving companies are very busy during these season and moving prices are often high. It is also possible to face problems with your work because your colleagues might have booked their holidays early, making it impossible for you get a time off.

Winter Move


Like summer, winter is a horrible season to move. There are many reasons why.  First is the weather; there’s the possibility of strong snowstorms during this season. The icy floors can cause slippage and lead to injuries and damages. Some local moving companies also avoid moving during winter because of the weather and road conditions. You might even encounter an instance wherein the local mover you called turned you down because of the season. Lastly, winter is a festive season. There’s a lot of shopping to do, parties to attend, gifts to prepare and many other things. This makes winter an off-putting period to move.